Mission Statement

The Vikings Wrestling Association Mission Statement

The mission of the Vikings Wrestling Association is to promote wrestling and the life skills associated with goal setting, training, and competing through experiential education, and to develop participants into wrestling champions and  to win team championships at every level.

Vision Statements

_____ To have each wrestler in the program develop a feeling of pride to be a part of the Francis Howell Wrestling experience

_____To take pride in representing Francis Howell Wrestling and always exhibit good behavior, sportsmanship, and citizenship, on and off the mat.

_____To help each individual become a better person from participating in the Francis Howell Wrestling Program

_____To instill respect in our young athletes toward everyone involved in wrestling: our teammates, our coaches, our parents, our support people, members of opposing programs, referees and fans

_____To make sure weight loss/control is monitored by coaches and parents to ensure that our athletes are healthy

_____To develop each individual to their fullest potential as an athlete

_____To work harder and be in better condition than any other team in the state.

_____To work smarter than any other team in the state



SMART Goal(s)- Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Relevant, Time bound

When goal setting, it is important to be clear.  The coaching staff will help athletes learn to write/set SMART Goals to facilitate clarity of purpose.

Outcomes Based Goal– A goal that is specifically targeted in regards to the result of a competition.  Usually stated in the context of “winning”.  Ie- Win a match, Win a tournament, Win state,  etc…related to the result & not the process

Performance Based Goals– Goals that can be targeted to specific pieces of the total process of developing a wrestling champion.  Usually stated in the context of targeting a specific area for development.  Ie – Last time I wrestled Johnny McGee he double legged me 3 times and I lost the match by 1 takedown.  This time when I wrestle Johnny McGee I will not allow him to take me down with a double leg.  These can be set for practices as well as competitions.

Process Based Goals- Goals that can be targeted specifically at adding to, revising, or fine tuning the process of goal setting, training and competing.  Usually stated in the context of “I will”…….Ie- I will go out for a run 2x this week to gain a mental and physical conditioning edge over my opponents  and/or  Ie- I will watch my video and take notes and have a completed Individual Practice Plan (IPP) of what to work on during individual time at practice.

Viking Winning Way- A “Winning Way” comes straight from a list of “little things” written up by the coaching staff and being kept track of by the athletes, parents,  and coaching staff.  (3) examples of Winning Ways are Ie (1) Cuffing and Circling on the Edge so that you don’t  get backed out of bounds  and (2) Backing an opponent out of bounds  and (3) Being the first wrestler back to the center after both wrestlers go out of bounds (Out Hustling Your Opponent).

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