Apr - 10 - 2014

Dalton Lilledahl Bantam 40lbs 4th Luke Lilledahl Intermediate 50lb 5th Ashton Barker Novice 120lb 5th Way to go boys!

Mar - 17 - 2014

The Spectacular Six are:Jack Flynn 14U 145Evan Kreith 14U 75Josh Kyle 12U 65Lucas Lovellette 12U 70Ryan Skillington 12U 235Luke Lilledahl 8U 50

Mar - 11 - 2014

Placing at Distirct 8 are: 1st: Jack Flynn, Ryan Skillington,  Lucas Lovellette, Luke Lilledahl    2nd: Evan Kreith, Luke Farris, Jack Berry 3rd: Dane Lucero 4th: Andrew Chisnell, Josh Kyle, Mike Roberts, Alexander Richardson 5th: Cooper Corley 

Mar - 1 - 2014

Congratulations to the MO AAU Blue Division State Placers:1st: Jack Flynn Cadet 152, Lucas Lovellette Novice 70, Luke Lilledahl Midget 50, Jack Berry Midget 125.2nd: Josh Kyle Schoolboy 65, Alexander Richardson Midget 112, Dalton Lilledahl Bantam 40.4th: Evan Kreith Schoolboy 75, Dane Lucero Schoolboy 152.5th: Sam Wuest Novice 95, Mike Roberts Midget 75.6th: Anthony Parrish Cadet 103.

Jan - 6 - 2014

 Jack Flynn Cadet 145 1st, Lucas Lovellette Novice 70 1st, Luke Lilledahl Midget 50 1st, Dalton Lilledahl Bantam 40 3rd, Dane Lucero Schoolboy 95 4th, Mike Roberts Midget 75 4th, Sam Wuest Novice 95 5th, Luke Farris Novice 75 6th. Special Congrats to Lucas Lovellette for winning most falls by a Champion for the Novice Division.

Dec - 14 - 2012

WIN is one of the best wrestling magazines out there. It follows colligate wrestling & has a section dedicated to how to make yourself a better wrestler. The publisher has a program where $5 of every subscription goes back to the club. I have contacted the publisher & signed up our club. We get $5 for every subscription purchased. All  [ Read More ]

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